Colour Experience Preview

At Heimtextil 2018, The Future is Urban trend theme explores how we will make, live and create in future cities. Among the topics under consideration is wellness, which involves keeping our bodies and minds rested and productive in an age in which we are constantly switched-on and the connection to our natural circadian rhythms seems increasingly fragile. Exploring this notion, (Un)Known Collective has created a chromatic experience to be installed in the Heimtextil Themepark in January. Mimicking nature’s cues for daytime and night-time, the design trio has created an immersive film and soundtrack that in turn relaxes and recharges the viewer. Blue light stimulates the senses, emulating the sunlit sky, while red, the colour of dusk and warmth, relaxes and prepares for sleep. During Heimtextil 2018 visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in our very own audio-visual experience designed to help rebalance your energy levels. Feeling tense? Visitors experiencing the ‘Relax’ programme will experience the power of warm red light to calm and sooth. Need an energy boost? Visit during the ‘Recharge’ programme and immerse yourself in blue light to enhance your focus and increase your energy levels.


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