Design Direction: Adapt + Assemble


Design Direction:  Adapt + Assemble

xThe fourth image in the series of room sets created by Six N.Five for FranklinTill is Adapt + Assemble: Destined for nomadic living and working, an Adapt and Assemble design direction demands furnishings and fabrics that are made to move. Modular designs incorporate simplified joining and construction methods for easy assembly and appeal to those designing for co-living and co-working environments.  Geometric, linear forms and graphic patterns are brought to life in 3D; mono-material panels in playfully contrasting colours; domestic fixtures and fittings inspired by industrial and commercial products; utilitarian materials; and textile flat-colour lattice, grid and dot-matrix patterns created by print, jacquard and digital fabrication technologies such as laser cutting and 3D printing.

Visit the Adapt & Assemble room at Heimtextil trend Theme park in January 2018 to see our edit of Adapt & Assemble textiles

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